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Virtual-NATO is an online flight simulation organization that emulates North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Military Command flight operations on the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network, known as VATSIM.net or "VATSIM".

Virtual-NATO's mission and vision are to simulate military flight operations within a simulated military command structure as closely as possible to the real-world using actual procedures and phraseologies. As such, Virtual-NATO members are serious flight simulator enthusiasts willing to invest the time and effort to conduct online flight operations as close to reality as possible.

Virtual-NATO  pilot training is based on real-world flight training reference material and consists of Primary, Intermediate, Advanced and Mission Qualification flight training phases. The Virtual-NATO  theater of operations encompasses 150 airbases in 29 NATO-countries and a variety of military fighter, airlift, refueling, helicopter, and special operations aircraft.



NATO200Andrea Bof  LIRZ  LIRZ 15-11-2018 00:21
NATO200Andrea Bof  LIPE  EKCH 15-11-2018 01:49
NATO516Miguel Teixeira  LPBJ  LPMR 15-11-2018 01:08
NATO516Miguel Teixeira  LPMR  LPBJ 15-11-2018 00:21
NATO516Miguel Teixeira  LPMR  LPMR 15-11-2018 00:43



Piloten 34
Flugzeuge 224
Stunden Total: 640:06
Flüge Total 835
Linien Flüge 16
Charter Flüge 819
% Linien Flüge 1.92 %


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NATO Virtual is a volunteer not for profit group of friends with the common interest in promoting enjoyment and education through the simulation of military operations and procedure through the use of operating standards within several flight simulation platforms.

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