NOTAM NameOperation Deep Freeze 2017 (ODF18)
NOTAM Creation Date2017-12-18
NOTAM Publish Date2017-12-18


On January 3rd  2018, Virtual-Nato has become an official VSO on Vatsim network and in the name of all participants, Congratulations and Well Done.

Now its now the time to official start and participate , not only ourself but with others VSO, and gradually geting stronger and growth with mutual cooperation.

Simulated AirForce has hosted the ODF18 and we will like to participate in a join operation this year, as such, I'm calling all Virtual-Nato VSO rated cargo pilots to attend if you wish and help out in moving the crago from Mcchord AFB down to NZCH Chistchurch ASAP and then to the ICE.

We need to know how many pilots are interested and who, in adition what airframe and sign up on discord channel "ato-request" with name + desired airframe,



Virtual-Nato HQ

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