Virtual-NATO membership is open to anyone that is a VATSIM member in good standing with a valid VATSIM ID, agrees to abide by all Virtual-NATO  policies and guidelines, conducts Virtual-NATO  operations in a professional manner, and performs a minimum of two (2) VATSIM online flights under the Virtual-NATO  banner every 30 days.

Although members need not be fluent in written or spoken English, they must have a working ability to read, speak and understand English. All online operations and communications using VATSIM, Virtual-NATO  Website, Virtual-NATO  Forum and Virtual-NATO  Discord will be conducted in English.

In general, all “new” pilots must complete primary flight training, also known as "Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training" or SUPT. From there, students move on to intermediate training where they learn to fly a different, more complex, training aircraft as they continue to learn more advanced flying procedures and techniques. Once intermediate training is complete, students must choose a particular airframe type to specialize in for advanced training, and once they become fully mission qualified to fly that airframe type, they may pursue additional advanced training in other airframe types.

Refer to the Virtual-NATO “Training Pipeline” document located in the Military Command Center bookcase for more detailed information regarding the Virtual- NATO training program.


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NATO Virtual is a volunteer not for profit group of friends with the common interest in promoting enjoyment and education through the simulation of military operations and procedure through the use of operating standards within several flight simulation platforms.

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